Flips Brazilian

Flips Brazilian is a strong hair but is thin. It reacts to moisture and conditioning very well and is very natural looking. The texture holds and excellent curl but also gives a light bounce effect when worn natural. Flips Brazilian needs extra attention if you plan to use a lot of heat, make sure you condition well after shampooing or routinely cowash. Also we strongly suggest using a heat protectant if you will be using curling wands or irons. Flexi rods and wet sets work very well with Brazilian bundles. We suggest 3-4 bundles for a full install of normal lengths (lengths longer than 24″ may require an extra bundle

Flips Indian

Flips Indian is very plentiful and strong. It is illustrious and comes with cuticle in tact and each bundle comes from one donor. It is naturally a little thicker than Brazilian although they are very similar. Flips Indian feels just like silk and is deep black in color, beautiful and soft to the touch. Flips Indian holds moisture well so it reacts well to heat styling and mild shampoos and conditioners. It also holds a wonderful curl, even with the straight texture. We suggest 2 bundles for full installs with lengths 12-16″, and 3-4 bundles for lengths 18″ and longer.

Flips Mongolian

Flips Mongolian is very thick and holds an extreme curl. It is the thickest hair that we offer. Flips Mongolian deep wave, particularly, is perfect for someone who is wanting to wear their natural hair and accentuate it. It dyes well and reacts very well to deep conditioning. I would recommend a good natural oil weekly to keep it hydrated, especially if you use heat often (i.e. almond,carrot, olive or coconut oil). I would also recommend curl enhancers meant to deepen natural curls to maintain the curls throughout shampooing of wavy and deep wave. TO MAINTAIN THE CURL PATTERN OF MONGOLIAN DEEP WAVE ALWAYS AIR DRY, DO NOT BLOW DRY. The strand is fairly thick and true to length throughout.  We recommend 3-4 bundles depending on lengths and desired thickness.

Flips Peruvian

Flips Peruvian  was first made famous by our weavologist Stormei. She has easily made it Flips’ most popular selection. It is naturally lighter than the other selections and resembles a #2. Peruvian hair is much coarser and tresses are thicker than the other selections. Although Peruvian wavy (the most popular texture) straightens out nicely, it’s wavy texture holds an excellent curl and returns strong after each shampoo. Flips Peruvian also takes color from rinses or dyes very well but can lose moisture over days so a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner regimen would benefit the life of this hair. We recommend 3-4 bundles of this hair for full install. Inches 12-14″ can use only 2 bundles for full install, but 3 is recommended for a full thick look of if you desire to layer. spacer

Flips Straight

Virgin Peruvian


Virgin Brazilian

Body Wave

Virgin Malaysian

Deep Wave