Use mild shampoo and styling products. I recommend NOTHING containing sulfates or alcohol. We suggest product lines by Garnier Fructis, Miss Jessie’s, Joico, or Shea Moisture. Your sew-in shouldn’t need to be washed but every 2-3 weeks. I recommend a rich rinse-out conditioner such as Shea Moisture, or Root Stimulator Olive Oil Conditioner. Leave the conditioner for at least 10 minutes before rinsing out. I would also recommend a revitalizing leave-in conditioner (this is vital to body wave or wavy textured hair) I use Aussie Hair Insurance . If you prefer a leave-in conditioner, a great one is Kinky Curly’s “Knot Today” Leave-in and Detangler!
Do not use excessive maintenance products on the hair. I would recommend a LITTLE glosser after washing before styling. ABSOLUTELY NO OIL SHEEN or grease. We suggest Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Serum to eliminate frizz add shine.
When dying hair, try to order lighter to go darker or use rinses. The harsher the dye, the more your hairs condition and texture will be after the process. I would recommend testing a couple of strands of hair FIRST before dying the entire weft. The best dying results happen when dying the hair in a bag NOT while installed.
To minimize any shedding, try to not use paddle brushes. These brushes can grab strands of hair between the balls and pull it out so it will appear to be shedding. Use different sizes of wide tooth combs or edge brushes to smooth your edges.
Olive Oil Root Stimulator Edge Control and Murray’s Edge Wax works WONDERS on your edges to make your sew-in look fresh and last longer!
When your virgin hair begins looking “old” clip the ends! It will give your hair a fresh look. Another helpful tip is to deep condition your hair after this is done.
IF your hair becomes prone to tangling, or you have deep set curls that are hard to manage, wet hair…apply a thick natural conditioner and comb with wide tooth comb to detangle…rinse then shampoo and condition again.
To make sure your natural hair is cared for, always scratch scalp gently when shampooing and sit under the dryer at least an hour to make sure braids are dry. Apply a small amount of a rejuvenating oil to scalp before trying, we suggest SIMPLICITY OIL by to stimulate your scalp and promote healthy growing hair.

I hope these tips help you all achieve your desired looks and make your style, and hair, last longer!! Feel free to Contact Us for any additional questions or suggestions.

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