1. How many bundles of hair will I need?

12″ – 16″ typically need 2 bundles, 18″-24″ 3 bundles, and lengths longer than 26″ 4 bundles. If you have a large head, desire really thick looks, or have a stylist with an unusual installation method, you may need add’l/less bundles. Please check with your stylist. All bundles are 3.5 – 4oz.

2. I live in (insert random state here) can I receive my hair by (insert random day here)

All orders made from FLIPSHAIR.COM are received in 4-7 business days, regardless of where you live. The day request on the checkout page is simply an estimate, not a guarantee.

3. Can I get my bundles in a different color (i.e. #2, 1B, etc..)

All of our bundles are 100% virgin unchemically processed hair. Bundles only come in their natural colors BUT because they are virgin, they can be colored or dyed by yourself or your stylist..

4. Can hair orders be overnighted?

No. Only “Quick Flips” In Stock hair posted on Facebook and Instagram can be overnighted. Orders made from this website are received in 4-7 business days..

5. Which type of hair is best?

All of our selection is WONDERFUL. Use the hair guide to learn about the different types of hair and how they vary to decide which will be the best for you.

6. Do you have a phone number where we can talk about hair?

No. In the past, hair flippers have called all times of day and night and because our CEO works full time and is a single mom, we choose to answer each question individually by email rather than receiving constant phone calls. 

7. How do we make payments from the website?

All payments are processed by Paypal (whether you have an account or not) IF you have an account log in to pay, if you do not, please select “pay with card” to use your credit/debit card. If you do enter your checking account information your payment method is then “eCheck” and orders will not be sent until we have confirmation that the check has cleared. This may cause a delay in receiving your order depending on your banking institution..

8. Does Flips Hair tangle or shed?

No. Our hair is machine wefted in the same direction and all bundles are harvested from same head. The hair is 100% virgin raw hair so shouldn’t tangle or shed if taken care of. HOWEVER, the hair is not miracle hair and should be combed regularly and maintained just as you would your naturally growing hair. .

9.Do you offer International Shipping?

All international orders must be completed by email. We cannot process international orders via the website at this time. To ensure that the appropriate shipping charges are added, please email your international order to flipshair@yahoo.com