Flips Hair Luxury Virgin Hair was born in September 2011 from the fabulous mind of founder, A’Lillian Grady Fuller. A’Lillian believed that beautiful, celebrity grade hair shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. The mission of Flips Hair is to provide beautiful, virgin long lasting hair at affordable prices so everyone who wants to have phenomenal hair..CAN! The name “Flips Hair” came from the attitude that comes with a fresh new hairstyle. Everyone who wears Flips Hair will find themselves taking fabulous photos and “flipping their hair” from side to side and off their shoulders. “Flips Hair” is so much more than just a name..it’s an air of confidence and beauty.

A'Lillian Grady Fuller


A’Lillian Grady Fuller is originally from Jackson, MS. Her love of hair and fashion dates back to her early childhood. She has worn every style from microbraids and kinky twists to pronto weaves and wild hair colors. A’Lillian graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and recently completed a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Capella University. A’Lillian loves to travel and SHOP! Second to her addiction to fabulous virgin hair, is her addiction to makeup and shoes. A’Lillian’ s favorite Flips Hair selection is virgin Mongolian. A’Lillian currently resides in Mississippi with her new husband and children.